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The Right Diet for the Diabetic


Diet for the diabetic is not only one of the biggest health problems in the country, but also in the world. And it is not something that can be ignored both financially and in terms of health. When it is left alone, diabetes can play a hell of complications, from heart disease to liver problems.

It is perhaps the disease that causes the greatest number of complications in the body. In money, it is not cheap to have diabetes. In studies that have been carried out, 1/10 of the health expenditures of the United States go to Diabetes and its complications.
Because it is expensive and difficult to treat diabetes when it is already at the stage of complications, patients are advised to nip the problem as quickly as possible. If they can prevent diabetes with a few changes in lifestyle, especially in the diet for the diabetic. This need for change rejected the creation of different types of diets designed to help diabetic  patients and would be diabetics who can cope with the problem.

Although predominantly conceptualized for people with heart problems, Atkins diet is also used as an alternative diet for people with diabetes. Many diabetic patients have even proven to be effective. Atkins diet is primarily a low-carbohydrate diet that aims to distribute kilograms by banning people under the program to eat carbohydrate-rich foods.

These include rice, potatoes, bread and pasta. According to Dr Robert Atkins, who created the diet for patients with heart problems in his clinic, the diet can also benefit diabetic patients because the decrease in caloric intake can reduce fats in the body; thus reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

However, the diet is only effective in people with type 2 diabetes or those whose diabetes is caused by the person’s lifestyle and his or her eating habits. It can not mean much for people who are already born with a problem with insulin secretion. These are the people with type 1 diabetes. They depend only on regular injections of insulin.

Yet there are critics who say that the Atkins diet is not effective and can, in fact, lead to further complications. According to experts, In this process of metabolism, the burning of fats instead of carbohydrates causes lots of complications. The intake of animal fat that is not restricted by the diet can also increase cholesterol levels to dangerous levels; resulting in diabetes and even heart disease.

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