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Why You Should Use Fruits For Constipation


Fruits for constipation is made by nature and is a perfect food. They all contain the right quantity of balance nutrients with distilled water. You get huge benefits from eating fruit, especially if you eat and eat the outer shell without cooking. They are easily digested and absorb and do not burden your colon. Moreover, they help you to alleviate or eliminate your constipation.

Fruits for constipation contains fibers that help to cleanse your colon and prevent constipation. Most fruits for constipation give the body minerals that help the body to reduce the acid during its making. And the most important thing is that fruit cleanses the body of mucus that collects through the body.

Fruits for constipation leave no residue of mucus in the body when eaten, except when they have pesticides and preservatives in their outer shell. They do not ferment or rot in your colon, just like processed food, dairy products, and meat.

Choose your fruits for constipation carefully. They must be eaten when they are fully ripe. Avoid eating them if they are overripe or under-ripe. In the under-matured state they can be acidic and in the overripe state contain the much more natural sugar.

Fruits, vegetables and grains contain fructooligosaccharides, FOS. It is this substance that helps to feed the good bacteria in your colon. Without adequate FOS supply, good bacteria will shrink and bad bacteria will flourish.

Just fruit

Eat fruit all day but especially in the evening. This will help to aid a bowel movement every morning. These are the fruits that you must eat.

* Apples

* Apricots

* Avocados

* Bananas

* Blueberries

* Boysenberries

* Cantaloupe

* Cherries

* Figs and dates

* Grapes

* Lemons

* Papayas

* Peaches

* Pears

* Persimmons

* Plums

* Plums

* Raspberries


Eat 3-4 apples per day to relieve constipation. It does not matter what type of apple you eat, but I like Gala or Fuji apples because they are small and crunchy.

It is best to use fresh organic apples when eating apples as a snack because you do not know which pesticides were used when growing the apples. If the apple is not organic, it is strongly advisable to peel the apple before eating.

The use of baked apples also helps to eliminate constipation.

Eat a baked apple in the evening, just before bedtime, and one just as you stand up. Do this until your constipation is cleared.

John Heinerman, Heinrich’s Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs, describes how to bake apples:

“Cut the apples in half and clear the centers, add chopped dates to the middle, pour some cranberry juice over the dates and apples, sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg over it, you can pour cranberry juice on some apples and see if you like the taste after boiling, boil apples for 46-60 min at 375 – 400 C. ”

Dried apples

Dried apple slices are a rich source of fiber. However, when the slices are dehydrated, most nutrients are lost, but fiber remains. Sulfur dioxide is usually used to dry apple slices and this can cause allergic or asthmatic reactions in some people. I do not recommend the use of dried apple slices instead of fresh organic apples.

Only apples and mineral water

Just after waking up, eat two unpeeled apples, chew well and drink 8 oz of water that has two drops of Alkalife. Or you can use any other mineral additive or supplement that you use.

This combination of apples and activated mineral water stimulates your colon to become less slow and to remove fecal matter from the rectum.

The use of fruit to relieve or remedy constipation is a powerful natural remedy. Eat fruit every day and between meals and you relieve your constipation.

Look for other articles that will tell about other fruits to alleviate constipation.

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